Conditionally Reprogrammed Cells (CRCs)

Conditional reprogramming (CR) emerges as a novel tool for long-term culture of primary epithelium cells derived from almost all origins without alteration of genetic background of primary cells. It is demonstrated that no more than 5% of primary tumors can be expanded in vitro for a long term previously, CR successfully enables generation of cell lines from almost 90% of tissue specimens from human normal and tumor origins, which maintains both intratumor and intertumor heterogeneity. (Acta Pharm Sin B. 2020 Aug; 10(8): 1360-1381.)

CR shows broad prospects in applications in varied areas including disease modeling, drug evaluation, drug discovery as well as precision medicine.

Conditional reprogramming

LIDE has developed over 100 CR cells (CRCs, left), in which some of PDX matching CRCs exert special drug resistance/genetic alteration (right).

PDX matching CRCs

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