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Search the World's 2nd Largest PDX Biobank

  • 2000 PDX Mouse Models
  • World's Largest Biobank of Pretreated Models
  • 900 Models with Full Treatment History
  • 50 Oncology Indications Covered
  • Hematology and Brain Metastasis Orthotopic Models
  • Variant Rich: Naturally-Derived Resistance and Rare Mutations

LIDE’s translational network across 100 hospitals offers us daily access to fresh tumor samples. The  most interesting tissues are immortalized in LIDE's 2000 patient-derived (PDX) mouse models and 100+ proprietary, conditionally reprogrammed cell lines, giving our clients access to unique, patient-consented, highly characterized, low-passage tumors. Data from over 1800 of these models is now available directly for our clients in LIDE's PMed Trial Database.

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Quality Data and Advance Search Functions

  • Growth Curves | SOC
  • DNA | RNASeq
  • Gene Expression | Fusion | CNV | Mutation
  • Patient Details | Treatment History
  • Added soon: IHC | HE Pathology | HLA Types
  • Updated weekly

Reliable science requires clarity of data

LIDE's in-house bioanalytics team has standardized data across all our sources, applying quality controls where needed, and  reprocessing data if necessary. Search with confidence that the data is accurate and dependable for your study needs.

Summary of Available Models

Cancer No.  Cancer No. Cancer No.
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia 12 Extramedullary tumor 1 Multiple Myeloma 3
Acute myelocytic leukemia 16 Fallopian tube carcinoma 2 Neuroendocrine tumor 6
Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) 5 Gallbladder carcinoma 36 Osteosarcoma 58
Bladder cancer 5 Gastric cancer 202 Ovarian cancer 203
Brain cancer 69 Gastrointestinal stromal tumor 6 Paget's Disease 1
Breast cancer 45 Hepatoblastoma 42 Pancreatic cancer 305
Cervical cancer 55 Hepatocellular 103 Penile cancer 2
Cholangiocarcinoma 82 Head and neck cancer 7 Periampullary carcinoma 2
Chordoma 2 Lung cancer 161 Prostate cancer 7
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 2 Lymphoma 16 Rectal Cancer 81
Colon cancer 116 Malignant mesothelioma 2 Renal carcinoma 9
Duodenal carcinoma 15 Mediastinal endoblastoid sinus tumor 1 Sarcoma 38
Endometrial cancer 17 Melanoma 4 Spleen cancer 1
Esophageal cancer 42 Mucinous carcinoma 5 Urethral carcinoma 4

*last updated 3Q2023

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Best in Class Models for Quality Results

  • Follows Highest International Standards
  • Patient Consented, IRB Approved
  • Efficacy Studies at P3

Reliable science requires quality inputs.

Our biobank was built from the beginning according to standards set by a PDX Consortium led by LIDE in collaboration with EMD Serono, Lilly and Merck. Our seed bank is stored at P0-P2 with a separate application bank at P3-P10 to support client studies. Most preclinical tests are done using P3 - P5 when possible. All models are sequenced and searchable according to target mutations and/or phenotypes. Patient history, IHC and SOC studies included where available..


12 Years of Preclinical Research Experience 

  • 2500 Studies across 200 Clients
  • Preclinical Pharmacology is our Core Expertise

Our offering includes traditional, gold standard methods as well as LIDE-unique techniques that ensure we’re delivering quality science while being efficient with our client’s time and dollars. Each study is available as a stand-alone service or as part of an end-to-end preclinical, IND-enabling program.

With over 12  years of experience specifically in the preclinical oncology space, and experienced PhD scientists, lab technicians and bioinformaticians, you can trust LIDE with your study needs. 

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