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For the past 12 years, LIDE (Lab for Innovated Diagnosis and Experimental Therapeutics) has partnered with small biotech companies and multinational pharmaceutical organizations and delivered thousands of projects successfully. LIDE has a global presence and pride itself on strong academic relationships.

LIDE Translational Platform Services




LIDE has established 1500+ high quality PDX models in more than 40 cancer types

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LIDE’s novel in vivo drug efficacy test is the in vivo version of organoid assay and takes only 7 days.

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LIDE has developed over 100 CR cells, some with special drug resistance/genetic alteration.

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K Cell & FGI

LIDE requires only a small sample to generate visual expression maps of cell functional subpopulations.

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Pre-clinical Bio-marker Identification

LIDE’s Functional Diagnosis platform identifies biomarkers during the pre-clinical stage.

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Immuno-Oncology Studies

One-stop shop to support an all-around biologics R&D in immunotherapy.

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Discover the latest research that leverage LIDE tools and services.

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