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Our reputation is built on the excellence of our extensive preclinical models, encompassing in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo methodologies. Our offering includes traditional, gold standard methods as well as LIDE-unique techniques that ensure we’re delivering quality science while being efficient with our client’s time and dollars. We collaborate intimately with clients to ensure we choose the appropriate methods and tailor our study designs specific to your research needs.

With over 12 years of experience specifically in the preclinical space, and experienced PhD scientists, lab technicians and bioinformaticians, you can trust LIDE with your study needs from design through execution. Each study is available as a stand-alone service or as part of an end-to-end preclinical, IND-enabling program.


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In Vitro Models

CR cell lines provide a much better starting point than traditional commercially available cell lines in compound screens or efficacy studies.

  • Maintains heterogeneity of original cancer
  • More reliable results than commercial cell lines
  • Many with matching PDX models 
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In Vivo Model

In Vivo Models

LIDE’s industry leading PDX library offers our clients access to unique, patient-consented, highly characterized, low-passage tumors.

  • 50 oncology indications covered
  • World's largest biobank of pretreated models
  • 900 models with full treatment history
  • Variant rich: naturally-derived resistance and rare mutations
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Ex Vivo Model

Ex Vivo Models

Leverage LIDE's PDX library in high throughput ex vivo validation studies using multiclonal 3D organ-like tumor cultures.

  • Recapitulate the complexity of in-vivo systems
  • High-throughput and more cost efficient than in-vivo studies
  • Fast turnaround