Current and Novel Immuno-Oncology Drug Evaluation Methods
Dr. Bin Xie discusses the current immuno-oncology drug development landscape and different humanized models available for drug testing, including LIDE's unique human PBMC/cancer cell co-transfer model. He also evaluates real-world case studies and describes the investigation of potential mechanisms by imaging mass cytometry.
Translational Applications of MiniPDX
LIDE’s novel MiniPDX is a 7-day, in vivo drug efficacy test for oncology therapeutics.  It is the in vivo version of a 3D organoid assay and correlates with traditional PDX by 92%, and with clinical end point at 82%. These high correlations make MiniPDX an effective option to test targeted drugs, chemotherapies, angiogenesis drugs, and more, while demonstrating superior testing times and cost-effectiveness versus traditional PDX.