News & Events

AAALAC Global 3Rs Award
In September 2021, Shanghai LIDE's patented product MiniPDX won the 2021 IQ Association and AAALAC International Animal Research Global 3Rs Award. As one of the researchers of MiniPDX, Dr. Wenjie Wang from Shanghai LIDE medical department won the award on behalf of Shanghai LIDE.
10 Year Anniversary
During the hot summer, entire LIDE staff came to Wuzhen with its beautiful landscape for a company-wide team building. This occasion marked the 10 year anniversary of the company, celebrating our many successes and reflection on the challenges to get there. The entire staff enjoyed both relaxation and walking down memory lane.
The 4th China BIO-PHARM Innovation and Cooperation Conference
On June 25 to 26, 2021 the 4th China BIO-PHARM Innovation and Cooperation Conference (BIO-PHARM 2021) came to a successful conclusion in Suzhou, China. One of the forum, “New Drug Clinical Research and Digital Management”, was hosted by Dr. Danyi Wen, President & CEO of LIDE Biotech. She carries a high reputation in the biomedical industry and presented unique insights in clinical research of new drugs.
Academician Professor Hans Clevers and Dr. Hong Shen, Head of Roche Innovation Center Shanghai (RICS) visited LIDE Biotech on June 9, 2021
Professor Hans Clevers is an international pioneer in the research field of "Organoid".  He is very impressed by LIDE’s innovated application of organoid assay.  In his review articles, Professor Clevers foresaw some potential applications of three major functional diagnosis assays: Conditional Reprogrammed Cells, Organoid and PDX. Professor Clevers was happy to see that LIDE put his prediction into real practice.