The 4th China BIO-PHARM Innovation and Cooperation Conference

On June 25 to 26, 2021 the 4th China BIO-PHARM Innovation and Cooperation Conference (BIO-PHARM 2021) came to a successful conclusion in Suzhou, China. One of the forum, “New Drug Clinical Research and Digital Management”, was hosted by Dr. Danyi Wen, president & CEO of LIDE Biotech. She carries a high reputation in the biomedical industry and presented unique insights on clinical research of new drugs.

Dr. Danyi Wen, president & CEO of LIDE Biotech.png

Dr. Weina Shen, attending clinical physician of Fudan University Cancer Hospital Phase I clinical trial, was the first speaker, and shared the topic “Phase I Clinical Trial Center Digital Process sharing”. Dr. Shen talked about digital needs for clinical processes from a doctors’ view. After that, Mr. Zhongliang Sun, founder of Lingxian Pharmaceutical, presented “Practice on Intelligent Clinical Trial Management by Human-Machine Collaboration”. The third speech was “Emerging New Drug, Strategy and Problem of Clinical Trial”, shared by Meng Fu, founder and CEO of Redbud Medicine, current president of SAPA, founder and first president of SAPA-DC.

PMed Trial and RWS in Cancer

Before the break, Dr. Wenjie Wang, real world study medicine Director of LIDE Biotech, introduced “PMed Trial and RWS in Cancer”. Dr. Wang focused on PMed Trial, a system for precision medicine and intensive management of clinical trials developed by LIDE. The system integrates sponsors, clinical trial institutions, ethics committees, departments, CRA, CRC and subjects into a comprehensive management platform, providing a one-stop service for clinical trials, and integrating clinical trials with RWS.

Dr. Jiahua Jiang

The last part of the forum was a round table discussion, was held by Dr. Danyi Wen, and the following guests attended the discussion: Dr. Jiahua Jiang, Executive Director of Preclinical Pharmacology Department of Qilu Pharmaceutical Innovative Drug Research Center; Jianguo You, Vice President of Clinical Development, Kanova Biopharma; Dr. Wenping Xu, Head of Clinical Development, Asia Pacific, Merck, Germany; Dr. Xiaohua Duan, General Manager of Elixiron Immunotherapetuics (Shanghai) Limited and Executive Deputy General Manager of Clinical Research.

Kanova Biopharma


More than 150 experts and 1200 professional practitioners attended the conference. The LIDE booth attracted a large number of experts and scholars for communication and interaction.

LIDE Biotech, pre-clinical CRO

LIDE Biotech, pre-clinical CRO committed to individual diagnosis of cancer and precision medicine, is one of the companies possessing the most comprehensive product lines and provides a one-stop service for cancer testing in precision medicine in China. With a full range of company’s products, such as OncoVee PDX (including PDX models and MiniPDX, 7-day in vivo drug efficacy test and finish report in 10 days) and LDT-IVD platform, to serve the individualized treatment of cancer and pre-clinical drug R&D. 

LIDE focuses on services for individualized therapy of cancer and product development, providing superior products, technical services and platforms for drug R&D, striving to be the leading company in precision medicine.