PDX Models with Popular Expression Targets to Leverage In Vivo Studies

LIDE has established 1700+ PDX models.  WES and RNAseq profiling, including IHC, has confirmed PDX models with different expression profiles for popular targets like ADC, CAR-T, etc. Many of these have matching cell lines to support complementary in-vitro studies. Please reference partial list below but contact us for the most updated.

Expression/mutation Cell line Cancer Expression/mutation Cell line Cancer
Claudin18.2 high expression OE19 Esophageal cancer LRRC15 high expression U-87 MG Brain astrolastoma
NUGC4 Gastric cancer U-118 MG Astroblastoma
KATO III Gastric cancer 143B Osteosarcoma
TROP2 high expression A172 Glioblastoma MG-63 Osteosarcoma
LN-229 Brain medulloblastoma Saos-2 Osteosarcoma
U-87 MG Brain astroblastoma HER2 high expression OE19 Esophageal cancer
MKN28 Gastric cancer SK-BR-3 Breast cancer
MKN45 Gastric cancer KRAS G12C MIA PACA-2 Pancreatic cancer
ERBB3 high expression Hep G2 Liver cancer KRAS G13D DLD1 Colon cancer
MCF7 Breast cancer KRAS G61H NCI-H460 Lung cancer
GPC3 high expression Hep G2 Liver cancer KRAS G12V NCI-H441 Pancreatic cancer
Hep3B Liver cancer Capan 2 Pancreatic cancer
Huh-7 Liver cancer PANC 03.27 Pancreatic cancer
GPC3 no expression SK-HEP-1 Liver cancer SW620 Colon cancer
MET amplification EBC-1 Lung squamous BRAF V600E HT29 Colon cancer
Hs746T Gastric cancer Colo 205 Colon cancer
H1993 NSCLC Colo 741 Rectal cancer
MET exon 14 skipping H596 Lung squamous CDH6 high expression 143B Osteosarcoma
KRAS G12D Panc-1 Pancreatic cancer U-2 OS Osteosarcoma
GP2D Colon cancer EFO-21 Ovarian cancer
SK-LU-1 Lung adenocarcinoma NCI-N87 Gastric cancer
Aspc-1 Metastatic pancreatic FRa high expression SK-OV-3 Ovarian cancer
SW1990 Pancreatic cancer TOV-21G Ovarian cancer
panc10.05 Pancreatic cancer GPR20 EFO-21 Ovarian cancer

Table: LIDE cell lines with high profile expression targets