About LIDE

  • Shanghai LIDE Biotech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "LIDE Biotech") is committed to the research, service and product development of individualized precision medicine for cancer, providing pharmacological efficacy study of CRO services and assisting doctors in clinical personalized precision medicine. The company owns AAALAC accredited SPF level animal centers and world-class equipment. LIDE Biotech has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, “Shanghai LIWEN Biotech Co., Ltd."(hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai LIWEN") and "Xi'an LIDE Biotech Co., Ltd."(hereinafter referred to as "Xi'an LIDE"). Both Xi’an LIDE and Shanghai LIWEN have independently operated clinical medical laboratory.
  • Shanghai LIWEN is a third-party testing unit for individualized diagnosis and precision medicine of cancer.  The service scope includes: molecular biomarker testing, pathology and companion diagnosis. The company has been certified by the American Association of Pathologists (CAP) with FDA-approved data reporting system and central lab qualifications. Shanghai LIWEN-Promega's Joint Laboratory was founded by Shanghai LIWEN and American Promega which is dedicated to the research and development of Immune Check Point biomarkers (MSI, dMMR, etc.).
  • As the public service platform of translational medicine at Xi'an Hi-tech Park, Xi'an LIDE also owns a SPF-level laboratorial animal center with AAALAC accreditation and the medical license of clinical testing lab.