Clinical Biomarkers Discovery

  • LIWEN provides a one-step solution for clinical biomarker discovery and companion diagnosis service. Based on excellent resource of clinical materials and unique MiniPDX drug efficacy test technique of LIWEN. Two groups of specimens so called Response group and Non-response group are obtained after MiniPDX drug efficacy testing. New biomarkers are discovered by analyzing differences between Response group with Non-response group at DNA sequence level and gene expression level using LIWEN K cell DNAseq and RNAseq Genomics Analysis. Developed Assays for detecting new biomarkers could be applied for drug R&D and clinical trials such as patient enrollment in drug clinical trials. In addition, the IVD kit could be developed based on validated assays and applied for companion diagnosis in clinical application.

Strategy For  Clinical Biomarkers Discovery

  • Applying the strategy above, new drug biomarker targeted FGFR is discovered successfully in the service of client project. Around 270 previous studies targeted FGFR were failed due to complicated status of FGFR gene and functional diversity of FGFR gene in different cancer types. In the current study, drug efficacy of client compound is tested by MiniPDX assay in different cancer types. Interestingly, the results of MiniPDX drug efficacy test of client compound indicated that two types of cancer have higher response than others. Further investigation by Genomics Analysis of drug Response group and drug Non-response group demonstrates that a special subtype of FGFR is correlated to drug response. Therefore, the study provides the client two useful results: 1) identification of two cancer types for drug clinical trial, 2) Discovery of subtype of FGFR as a new biomarker for patient enrollment in clinical trial and clinical companion diagnosis in the future.
    MiniPDX + K Cell Omics for New Drug Biomarker Discovery