Patient Derived Xenografts

LIDE has established 1500+ high quality PDX models in more than 40 cancer types. Pathological analysis will be done using H&E staining from FFPE reserved during each passage of individual PDX models by certified pathologist under the U.S. CAP standard in Shanghai LIWEN, a certified clinical testing lab and subside of Shanghai LIDE, while WES and RNAseq will be done in most of the established models following the highest international standards of PDX Consortium. Each passage of the PDX models were re-evaluated by board certified pathologist at CAP certified clinical testing lab (LIWEN).

ACC Fallopian Tube Cancer Lymphoma Periampullary Cancer
Bladder Cancer Gallbladder cancer Mucinous Cancer Prostate Cancer
Breast Cancer Gastric Cancer MGST Rectal Cancer
Cervical Cancer GIST Malignant Mesothelioma Renal Cancer
Cholangiocarcinoma Glioblastoma Melanoma Sarcomas
Colon Cancer HCC Neuroendocrine cancer SCPF
Pleuroperitoneal fluids Hepatoblastoma Osteosarcoma SPPF
Duodenal Cancer Head and Neck Cancer Ovarian Cancer Hematoma
Endometrial Cancer Lung Cancer Paget's Disease Pancreatic Cancer
Esophageal Cancer      

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